Valentine's Day, am I right?  Bogged down in previous years by stale boxed chocolates and cards that end up being read once and then thrown in the trash. Your Valentine probably doesn't care about those, but they DO know the difference between a lager, IPA, stout, sour and pale- and have their favorites!  You probably ale-ready have a few bottles picked out but the gift doesn't quite feel finished.

Check out some of our favorite Beer pun mugs to complete your amazing gift!  

Why are they a great addition to your Valentine's present?

  • It's awesome and will quickly become their go-to drinking glass.
  • It will make your Valentine smile every time they read it.
  • Washable and reusable!
  • Made from thick, durable glass- the big one feels extra manly!

Which glass size should you pick? 

The small 16 oz is good for the craft beer enthusiast whose favorites come in 12 oz bottles or cans.  Enough room for a little head at the top.

The large 26 oz is perfect for those who like to have 2 beers at a time or whose favorites come in larger bottles or cans.  This mug is HEAVY DUTY so make sure they bring their muscles to the party!

For the message, I'm personally all about the glass etching because it is part of the glass itself and looks so classy! Effortless to clean and stores in the freezer easily for a frosty mug anytime. But,some prefer dark, bold lettering over the frosted style.  For those people, I recommend the vinyl.  (While our vinyl is high quality, the appliqued glasses are hand-wash only and should not sit in hot water.)

Additionally, most of the mugs can be further personalized with names, special messages et cetera.  Simply shoot me a message prior to ordering and I can set up a custom listing for you.

My only suggestion is- don't wait, or it could be too late! Shop now:

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